Boeing 737NG Throttle Quadrant Handle Knobs

Since I am building a new TQ,  at moment I built the TQ Handle knobs, so if you are interested you can contact me at  for more details and price.

737 TQ Handle Knobs KITGeneral Description and Characteristics:

  • Like the Original 737 NG TQ Knobs
  • Available in Unpainted and Painted (RAL 9010) configuration with inscription in Black
  • Set composed by (2 Thrust, 2 Reverser, 1 Engine Cutoff 1, 1 Engine Cutoff 2, 1 Speed Brake, 1 Flap knob)
  • Available of each knob also separately (i.e. Flap handle knob)
  • Useful for Cockpit construction
  • Nice to have