Boeing 737NG Yoke Checklist Decals

Before to use the professional 737 YOKES, for my Cockpit I printed some extra sheets of “Yoke Checklist Decals” to be attached on both Captain and First Officer Yoke.
For Example in my old cockpit I used it at begining of the activity with the CH Yokes, but they are useful for every type of Control Device.

737NG Yoke Checklist Decals 2   Yoke Checklist Decals
If you are interested to have it, please contact me at for more details and price.

General Description and Characteristics:

  • Fully compatible with all Yokes available in the Simulation World
  • Replica of the Original Dimension (Scale 1:1)
  • Printed with Professional Laser Color Printer on Special Plastic and Adhesive Paper
  • High Quality Materials with Professional Adhesion and Lamination Process
  • Useful for Rapid Check of the most important Flight Phase (Before Takeoff, After Takeoff, Descent-Approach and Landing checklist)
  • Useful for Fligh Deck Decoration
  • Nice to have