Boeing 737NG Wet Compass Dummy Gauges (ALPHA Version)

Useful for Flight Deck construction, this instrument  is the exact replica of the airliner version of the Boeing 737NG Wet Compass. It can be installed on the structure between Glareshield and Overhead panel, adjusting the inclinaton for a better and wanted visualization. Equipped with backlight (+12V powered), it is totally built in Aluminium & Plastic laser cut with Original Boeing Grey Paint.

wet compass_3 x web wet compass_4 x web

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General Description and Characteristics:

  • Like the Original 737 NG Wet Compass Indicator
  • Fitting with the Windshield / Overhead Structure
  • Built in Aluminium and Plastic part laser cut.
  • Painted with Boeing Grey Color
  • Equipped with backlight system (LED & +12V Connector Cable included)
  • Possibility to adjust the wanted inclination for better visualization
  • Useful for Flight Deck Construction
  • Nice to have