Boeing 737NG Digital Clock Replica (ALPHA Version 2.0)

Finally after several weeks of design, I finished the final version of the “Digital Clock“.
It was built with a professional approach designing in deep details the mechanical, the software and the electronic parts …
Additional spare units are available for sale and can be used for your Cockpit costruction.

In addition I produced also the 747 Digital Clock Version

737NG Clock Backlighted 737-747NG Clock Backlighted 737NG Clock PCB Lower   
If you are interested to have these item, please contact me at:

General Description and Characteristics:

  • High fidelity replica of BOEING 737NG clock appearance
  • Fully operative instruments
  • Original Dimensions (scale 1:1) and Boeing Grey Color
  • Chronograph with elapsed time and reset functionalities
  • Clock with Zulu time display and set functionality
  • Real Time Clock with internal backup battery
  • Two contrast-adjustable displays for Chronograph and Clock
  • Quadrant & Inscription fully backlighted.
  • Clock needle synchronized with the chronometer seconds and reset function (optional)
  • Stand-alone instrument (just plug +5V External Power)
  • 5V external power supply available separately
  • Control Panel CNC cut & engraved
  • Professional and High Quality PCBs and Mechanical parts fully Assembled
  • User Manual included
  • Nice to have