Boeing 737NG Digital Clock Replica (ALPHA VERSION 2.0 – Blue Line)

A new Version of the Boeing 737NG Digital Clock Version is available.
It is the “ALPHAversion 2.0 and it was developed in Amber or Blue Backlight and Digits.
A new mechanical and PCB design has been implemented, the software was updated and a dimmer option for backlight was implemented.

Additional spare units are available for sale and can be used for your Cockpit costruction.

737 Digital Clock Aplha 2.0 Blue powered   737 Digital Clock Aplha 2.0 Blue

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General Description and Characteristics:

  • High fidelity replica of BOEING 737NG clock appearance
  • Fully operative instruments
  • Original Dimensions (scale 1:1) and Boeing Grey Color
  • Chronograph with elapsed time and reset functionalities
  • Clock with Zulu time display and set functionality
  • Real Time Clock with internal backup battery
  • Two contrast-adjustable displays for Chronograph and Clock
  • Quadrant & Inscription fully backlighted and Adjustable
  • Clock needle synchronized with the chronometer seconds and reset function (optional)
  • Stand-alone instrument (just plug +5V External Power)
  • 5V external power supply available separately
  • Control Panel CNC cut & engraved
  • Professional and High Quality PCBs and Mechanical parts fully Assembled
  • User Manual included
  • Nice to have