Backlight Dimmer Module

Do you want control your Backlight System? Do you need a circuit to Switch ON and Switch OFF and to control your flood light in home cockpits and backlight your panels? Well, this is my last creation … the Backlight Dimmer Module !!! . It is designed to be used with LEDs or Low Voltage Lamps and several spare parts are available.

Backlight Dimmer V1.0

If you are interested to have this very useful module to backlight your cockpit, you can contact me at for more details and price.

General Description and Characteristics:

  • Powered by DC 5-12 V
  • Output Current 20A; Max 1000 Leds (white, red, green, blue, amber) Powered !!!
  • Useful for your flood light and backlight panels in your Cockpit
  • External Potentiometer with Switch available separately
  • External Power Supply availabe separately
  • Easy to Install
  • User Manual included
  • Nice to have