Boeing 737NG Overhead Backlighted Dummy CABIN TEMPERATURE Gauge

Boeing 737NG Overhead Backlighted Dummy Cabin Temperature Gauge

A prototype version of the “Overhead Cabin Temperature Gauge” has been built to close the Overhead hole and it has been equipped with a backlight circuit … additional spare parts are available for sale …

B737NG FUEL TEMP Dummy Gauges for WEB   B737NG FUEL TEMP BACKLIGHTED Dummy Gauges for WEB  
If you are interested to have these remain parts, please contact me at for more details and price.

General Description and Characteristics:

  • Like the Original 737 NG “Cabin Temperature” Indicator
  • Fitting with all Overhead present in the market
  • Equipped with backlight system (LED & +12V Connector Cable included)
  • Useful for Overhead construction
  • Nice to have