For my Flight Deck I have opted to use a Flyengravity’s CDU for Captain Side, while for Co-Pilot, due to the high price of the unit, my idea was to use a Dummy.

So I bought from my friend Luca a used, but in good condition CDU (see first picture).

Subsequently I bought from a my friend Giancarlo another Flyengravity’s CDU to use for First Officer side (see second picture).

The main characteristics of the Engravity CDUs are reported here below:

  • USB Connection (Plug & Play)
  • Integrated 5” LCD Display (No need for a extra graphics card, just USB)
  • Injected modelled hard keys with laser etched inscriptions
  • Full adjustable amber coloured backlight on every key
  • Dimensions 146 x 226 mm Only 1 inch in depth
  • Power Supply 12 V Adapter, USB cable and driver software.

Both CDUs has been mounted on CDU BAY as shown below …