Since I’m building a complete 737NG  Cockpit I need of 2 Seats, one for Captain plus another for First Officer.

Here below are shown two real 737 Seats, but due to high cost, shipment and custom issues I preferred to built a replica of Captain and First Officer 737 Seat.

After done an estimation of  the necessary material I decided to equip the Seat with the following characteristics:

– Real Dimensions and RAL Painting

– 737 Labels and Stickers Replica

Arm Rest covered with Black Skin and Adjustable

Cushions covered by real Sheep Skin

Real 737 Seat Belts ( 2 over back + 2 lateral + 1 under with Lock Mechanism)


Buttkickers installed under Seat for Vibration during Take Off, Landing and Turbulence

so, I started the construction activity …

Here below some pictures about the construction phases ….

If you are interested to have another single or couple of seats like me, please visit the “FOR SALE” –> “PRODUCTS” page and contact me to the following e-mail address: or


Obviously if you are or visit Rome, you are invited to see and touch my 737NG Seat replica and to Take Off with us for European Skies

Have a nice flight my Captains !!!

Additional improve activities will be done as soon as possible and details will be post when done